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I am pretty flexible with how many fittings or tweaks you require. I can work via e-mail and post to limit cost.
I will quote you for the whole package,but reserve the right to amend the cost.
I am willing to travel to you. I want you to get the item, you want.
I hope we will get a chance to work together, please e-mail me for a quote.

As a dressmaker, I try and make your wishes come true. Do you hate shopping? Can’t find anything you like in your size or style?

Do you have an idea but not sure how to make it?

I normally advise that you visit shops and try clothes on in different styles  and colours or enlist the help of a stylist or a close friend.

I am more than willing to come with you, but please remember I am a dressmaker, not a stylist, I would only be able to give you independent (friend) advice.

If you would like me to make something for you, you can contact me via e-mail, giving me as much info as possible and I will e-mail you a quote.

If you would like to source your own material, that's  fine.

My basic stages of development are shown on the photos,

Stage 1: We meet or details are sent via e-mail. I need measurements, quite a few depending on item, and a detailed idea of what you would like, either notes or a diagram. I can work from standard measurements, but this could add more fittings

Stage 2: I’ll e-mail you a drawing of the design,.

Stage 3: A mock up is made with value material and we would need to meet for a fitting.

Stage 4: After all alterations and fittings, the garment is made.

You can tweak at any time before stage 4 and depending on tweaking will depend on how many fittings or how long all the stages take.

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4