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Knitting  Rag Rugs

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Cross Stitch

If your looking for something unique and have an idea, then please get in touch.

The face cushion in the lower left of this page started life as a photo and an example of what my client wanted, with a little work it morphed into this great cushion.

I can use different techniques to find what your happy with.

I can use,

Cross Stitch - Sewing on to aida or fabric in crosses, good for decoration.

Knitting - Using needles and yarn (to knit), great for making clothes.

Crochet - Using a hook and yarn, perfect for open weave blankets,.

Rag Rugs -  Using strips of material pushed trough hessian, terrific for rugs and cushions.   

Square Loom Weaving - weaving yarn around a loom to make a square of fabric, different sizes and thickness wonderful for shawls, blankets or bags.

Arm Knitting - Using arms and super chunky yarn, you knit an open weave piece of fabric, this is excellent for snoods, shawls and throws.

Peg Loom Weaving - using different materials, raw fleece, plastic bags or super chunky yarn woven around pegs, this is useful for mats or scarves.

Sewing - Is joining different materials, normally with needle and thread. It is effective for many different things from making something to adding decoration.

Latch Hook - using thick yarn and knotting it though and open weave material you can  build up a heavy fabric, fantastic for rugs or cushions.